Can I cancel my order?

We are unable to cancel an order once it has been placed. One way is to go through our return policy to send your order back to us in the Original Package Delivered. You can also message us to cancel it.

 via email support@customcutsjewerly.com
 via phone text/call 508-373-8925
 via Instagram @customcutsjewerly

If you input the incorrect address at checkout, we cannot be held accountable if the order goes missing. We are not liable to refund/replace this order.


How do I return/exchange my order?

If you would like to return/exchange your item, please contact customer support via email at support@customcutsjewelry.com You can return or exchange your order within 14 days of being delivered. You must deliver back your order in the Original Package Delivered to us in order to be processed to return/exchange.  After we have received your order than it will go through our inspection department and if it does not pass the inspection department your order is going to be rejected to return/exchange.


Contact US
Fastest way to get in touch with us is
via email support@customcutsjewerly.com
via phone text/call 508-373-8925
via Instagram @customcutsjewerly


Your order will be shipped same day. We work with USPS but upon your request we can also work with UPS or FedEx. We offer free USPS first class 3-5-day shipping, 1-2-day USPS Priority Shipping $10 and USPS Express 1-2 Shipping $25. Note: Prices might vary based on the quantity/weight of your package.


14-day return policy. To be eligible to return the product it must be returned in the original packaging that means the plastic wrap should still on.
Lifetime Warranty. We offer lifetime warranty for all purchases of gold-plated jewelry. If your product damages, fades, or stops working under normal wear, the guarantee entitles you to a one-time replacement of the piece - free of charge. This warranty is voided under any user damage issues (scratches, accidental breakage, water damage)
There is a $60 repair fee if you encounter future problems, only for repairable items.

*Lifetime guarantee does not cover lost or stolen items*